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What About Jack?

He spent years floundering, an aimless but observant member of the lunchbox masses.  Jack wasted his first go at college dallying with rugby and beer and women - becoming accomplished in the former two and less so with the latter.  He remained with the same midwestern Parks and Recreation employer for more than 30 years, a rarity in these days of disposable employees. 

Jack raised a family, and with them moved to the country, south of Kansas City.  They own horses and dogs and even kept a brood of laying hens for a time.  He thought he was happy, and in many ways he was, but Jack had always kept things bottled up inside him - harboring a veritable winecellar of emotions stored underneath his middle-class life.

One day the corks began popping, and unable to verbally articulate the emotions that gushed forth, he began to write them down.  Jack returned to college at the University of Kansas, where he became an honors Literature, Language and Writing student.  He earned the Peedee Brown Non-Traditional Scholarship for Excellence in Literature Studies.  He was presented with First Place in the 2008 KU English Department's Goldie L. Case Creative Writing Awards.

Jack's short story "Dirty Dishes" received the Ozark Creative Writers Showcase Award, its top honor in 2009.  His work has garnered other awards and has appeared in The Kansas City Star Magazine, United Kingdom's Prole Magazine, Kansas City Voices: a periodical of writing and art, Chicken Soup for the Soul, among others  

In November, 2009, High Hill Press of St. Louis released a collection of Jack's short stories - including the award winners.  The book, titled Blowing Carbon, is available on Amazon and in discriminating bookstores.