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Taking a dip in the Gene Pool

Today I am working on my birthday present, online registering and filling out paperwork, and then spitting profusely in a cup for Ancestry DNA. I had asked for it for Christmas, didn’t get it, and then blew it off, but Nancy remembered. 

Here’s what I know:  

My cousin traced my dad’s side back—with documentation—to Johannes Klein who came to America in 1706 because the part of Germany he was from persecuted those who weren’t Lutheran. He opened an inn with a tavern outside Philadelphia. His sons changed the spelling of the family name because in America that spelling was considered Jewish. Sheesh, has religious intolerance been a contributor to human woes for a long time or what.  

My mom’s side “Davis” comes from Scotland and Wales I am told. They settled in Georgia. We are supposedly descended from Mary, Queen of Scots, but no one I know of has ever done a formal genealogy search. But I do have my grandmother’s Daughters of the American Revolution and Daughters of the Confederacy certificates. So at least a part of that side of me has been in America for a long time, too. 

So now I’ll find what other little genetic bits and pieces float around inside me.  

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